Project Life: Square One

Oh, Project Life. I love the idea of Project Life’s very simple yet trendy memory keeping. Thus far I have just loved the idea, oh, and gathering supplies, and doing unnecessary perfectionist prep work that just ends up stalling my starting (and finishing for that matter). Below is a short tell-all of where I am at with Project Life, where I hope to soon be, and how I plan to get there. You can do it, too, if you’re not where you want to be like I am or if you aren’t familiar with Project Life at all.

I have a section in my craft area stocked with Project Life items. Amongst preschool curriculum and child art there are three barely filled Project Life albums and a basket with printed photos.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


Here’s a close up of the basket with photos. They are organized by week for 2013. This is where the unnecessary perfectionist prep work comes in. I should have just put them in photo pockets and into an album with cards instead of organizing them in a basket! Now they are in a basket and not an album! Lesson learned.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


The albums have yet to be labeled – one for 2013, 2014, and my oldest son’s personal album. I just added buying an album for my newborn to my “to do” list. Oh, and here is an up close of what’s in between the albums. Inside those folders that I stash are memories for the albums such as birthday cards, artwork, and memorabilia from trips.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


Inside the cabinet are Project Life core kits and Stampin’ UP’s new line of Project Life items.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


My 2013 album has a few photo pocket pages that have pictures and cards; my journaling is lacking.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


Here’s 2014, ha! I’ve got monthly dividers in place.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


And in my son’s album I have a few items.
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


Since Stampin’ UP launched a Project Life line (#PLxSU) I am giddy inside with excitement. Stampin’ UP offers my favorite paper products and now that they are creating their own line of Project Life, I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore! I have the Everyday Adventure collection and its versatility inspires me to get going. My plan is to scrapbook from this day forward and if I find myself on track, I will look back and catch up a week or two from earlier this year. I think the pictures in the basket from 2013 may be in there for a while…
SUNNY like Jaz: Project Life Square One


I’m also inspired by the other collections #PLxSU is launching on June 2, 2014 in the new Stampin’ UP catalog. I’ve seen them and they are so cute and fun!

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Oh, hello

Oh hello-001

SUNNY like Jaz has been a long time coming – way too long! I have spent entirely too much time caught in thinking, rethinking, and trying to perfect my ideas for this website and my vision for SUNNY like Jaz. Eventually a launch and my ‘oh, hello’ became more of a tired dream deferred. Not wanting to say “maybe later” or “good-bye” to my passion and ideas, I have committed to getting it going – as is, and embracing the ever-evolving process of turning thoughts into actions and creating something.

I hope to document and share my journey to live life joyfully in Christ, give to others, and grow in creativity. Ultimately I am challenging myself to be SUNNY, something I am nowhere near perfect at.

So…oh, hello! I am excited to share with you and thankful to be able to do so.
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